Monday, December 20, 2010


nampaknya mcm xterusikje blog saya ni drpd mula2 lg sy create blog ni.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

whatever in life

SIMPLY ME...........YEAH!!ME.........

well name is TUNKU NORHANIS BINTI TUNKU SALMAN and i can be called HANIS as 18 this year.i was born on 24th of may a malaysian.mixed by 'pakistan+arabian+malay' and equals to ME.=).yeah.this is what i am super tall with the height of 5'8 which hardly found for an asean.well proud to be it.=).im puffy and quite fair maybe based on what people usually told me duh.

im a part timer model and actress.i started to involve in this entertainment field while i was at 5.that time i was doing a print adv for tnb than followed by print adv for bank and house trading.when i reach at the age of 10 i stop from involving with it as i tend that im not interested with this so very boyish when i was younger.i dont wear skirts,flowery socks,hairbands when i turn up to 10.before the age of 10 i do wore those stuff but i was forced by my mother which dream to have a very cute pretty little girl lah kn that time.i was gifted with so many dolls,barbie,pinkie2 stuff by my mother.but i seems like i dont bother cause im still a kid that time and i dont even care that much. than at the age of 16 i started to joined back but into other branch which more onto acting.i started to act by joining 'dramatis camar pesona' own by Rosli Rahman Adam.i had performed my first teater 'KURSI' which im the main cast for this very first teater.well im impress.i nvr aware that i have the skills and the talent to be an actress till i realised after i joined teater.
after joining teater,i get to know many people till i been offered to act in a drama.'ELIT' was the first drama that i act which i performed as 'ANITA'.